Siebert Science Videos!

I make science videos to help “flip” my Anatomy & Physiology, Physics, and AP Chemistry classes. Students also use my videos to review topics throughout the year. For a full list of my videos, head over to

Anatomy & Physiology Videos

Click to jump down to any system:
Introduction / Nervous / Endocrine

Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology

Nervous System

Types of Neurons

This is an older video….look at that young man!

Brain: Cerebrum & Cerebellum

The Eye and Vision

Brain: Diencephalon & Brainstem

Spinal Cord Injury Physiology

The first video I made…sorry about the weird flashes!

Endocrine System

How Hormones Communicate

Endocrine Glands

HPT Axis (Thyroid Gland)

HPT Axis – How it works

Pancreas and Diabetes (I and II)

Reproductive System

More videos and resources on the way!

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