Siebert Science Videos!

I make science videos to help “flip” my Anatomy & Physiology, Physics, and AP Chemistry classes. Students also use my videos to review topics throughout the year. For a full list of my videos, head over to

Anatomy & Physiology Videos

Click to jump down to any system:
Introduction / Nervous / Endocrine

Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology

Nervous System

Types of Neurons

This is an older video….look at that young man!

Brain: Cerebrum and Cerebellum

The Eye and Vision

Brain: Diencephalon and Brainstem

Spinal Cord Injury Physiology

The first video I made…sorry about the weird flashes!

Endocrine System

How Hormones Communicate

Endocrine Glands
coming soon!

HPT Axis (Thyroid Gland)
coming soon!

HPA Axis (Adrenal Gland)
coming soon!

HPG Axis of Male Rep. System
coming soon!

More videos and resources on the way!

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