Teaching Anatomy & Physiology

WARNING: This page is not up-to-date.

Here I will post about things going on in my A&P and Medical Physiology classes!

Anatomy & Physiology

Introduction to Anatomy & Physiology (Unit 1)

Big Ideas in Physiology – 8-14-2015

Nervous System, Part 1: Neurons and Communication (Unit 2)

Tic Tacs, Aliens, and Action Potentials! – 9-23-2015

Nervous System, Part 2: CNS, PNS, and Senses (Unit 3)

Endocrine System (Unit 4)

Reproductive System (Unit 5)

Integumentary System (Unit 6)

Skeletal System (Unit 7)

Muscular System (Unit 8)

Respiratory System and Blood (Unit 9)

Cardiovascular System (Unit 10)

Whiteboarding to Review Osmosis! – 4-7-2015

 Urinary System (Unit 11)

Labeling the Urinary System…without my help! – 4-27-2015

Digestive System (Unit 12)

Immune/Lymphatic System (Unit 13)

Innate and Adaptive Immunity – 5 – 7 – 2015

Fetal Pig Dissection (Unit 14)

Medical Physiology

Medical Physiology is a class for students who want to continue learning about how the body works. Most of the students that take this class are interested in medicine, veterinary medicine, nursing, and other life science subjects.

Anatomy & Physiology is a co-requisite for Medical Physiology. Students in their second semester of A&P and students who have completed A&P can take the class.

The class is taught almost solely using case studies from the National Center for Case Study Teaching in Science’s database. It’s a great resource.

See the Medical Physiology page for the list of case studies that I use in the class. I will eventually have descriptions of the cases and how I use them in the class.

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