I’m picking up a new hobby: Animation!

I just made this .gif file!

car falls apart 3


I downloaded an animation app for mac called Hype. My first thought was to check out Adobe, but $50/month is a bit steep for me (or $20/month with the teacher discount). Hype is just a $50 one-time purchase.


Well, the short of this is that I want to do simple animations/videos/simulations/etc for my classes.

This video…

I kept this first one simple because, well, I’m brand new to this and wanted to make an easy first project to show off. I’ll have my students make a motion map and position and velocity graphs for it as a Do Now (warmup) this week.

Common Origin and Varied Graphs in the Buggy Lab

For the buggy paradigm lab, I wanted the graphs to all look different so we could compare and contrast. To get some negative positions, I made a common origin out of tape and staggered the tables. I also made at least one group run their buggy the opposite direction so we could figure out the meaning of a negative slope on the position-time graph.

After collecting data, students graphed it on engineering paper and then whiteboards the results. Lots of aha moments during the board meeting!