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Hey! I love sharing my work with others, whether that’s science videos and resources, stories I’ve written, or other secret projects I can’t talk about yet. As a full-time teacher, I know how expensive curriculum resources are and how under-resourced many schools are, so I feel very strongly about keeping everything I share free.

However, if you’ve found value in the videos and resources I’ve made and want to support me financially, you can do so below. There are two options — a regular donation and the opportunity for me to make a video for your class.

I also have Venmo (@JustinSiebert) if you’d like to contribute that way. 🙂

I’m honored that you’re considering donating. Thank you!

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Your contribution is appreciated.

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Option 2 – Have me make a video for your class!

If you’re a teacher and want me to make a video for a specific topic in your class, I’ll do so for a donation of $50. I know there are millions of videos out there, so this is really more of a donation than anything. But if you donate this amount, I want to give back in this special way. I’ll make a video on any physics, anatomy & physiology, or chemistry topic, tailored to the needs of your specific class. (I can make videos in other subjects, but ask first before donating!)

Also, because I’m a full-time teacher (and only a part-time YouTuber), please allow up to a month for me to draw, film, edit, and upload the video. 🙂

Instructions: Click the donate button below (or donate via Venmo), then send me a message to let me know about what kind of video you’d like me to make.

By the way, if you’re a student, I don’t want your money. Work hard and keep learning and leave a comment on a video — that’s all the payment I want from you 🙂

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