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Published Stories

Haunted Mansions Are Never Wheelchair Accessible (~4 min) – Published by The Arcanist on 10/5/18; 4th Place in The Arcanist’s Ghost Stories competition. Included in the following anthologies: The Arcanist: Year Two and The Arcanist Presents: Ghost Stories. Read the story here and some background on the story in this blog post.

Callia (~10 min) – Published by TL;DR Press on 1/3/2020 as part of the Beneath Strange Stars anthology. All proceeds from the sale of the anthology go to The Association for Science Education!

Other Stories

First Day of Practice (~3 min) – (written 3/20/2019 and posted 3/7/2021)

Restoring the Ol’ Chevelle (~4 min) – Honorable Mention in Malice in Memphis’s Hit Me With Your Best Shot competition in 2018

What Alice Would Say (~2 min) – (written and posted 3/21/2019)

The Stories Lost in Flame (~4 min) – (written and posted 10/8/2018)

Never Go to Bed Angry (~4 min) – (posted 11/25/2018)

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