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Physics Videos

Experiments and Data

  1. Converting Units – Multiplying by conversion factors
  2. Best Fit Line (by hand & digital)
  3. Proportional Reasoning and Function Types

Constant-Velocity Motion | Guided Notes

  1. Position (and Displacement) Equation
  2. Creating Position-Time and Velocity-Time Graphs
  3. Converting between Position-Time and Velocity-Time Graphs (Quantitative)

Forces, Pt. 1: Newton’s First Law | Guided Notes

  1. Six Common Types of Forces
  2. How to Draw Free Body Diagrams (Qualitative)
  3. Head-to-Tail Vector Addition
  4. Diagonal Vector Trigonometry (+Pyth. Theorem & Inverse Tangent)
  5. FBD Analysis w/Diagonal Force (pulling a box; constant speed)
  6. FBD Analysis w/Diagonal Force (helicopter flying; changing speed)

Forces, Pt. 2: Force Equations & Newton’s Third Law | Guided Notes

  1. FBD Analysis w/Newton’s Third Law
  2. Friction Force Equations (Static and Kinetic)

Accelerating Motion and Newton’s Second Law

  1. Stacks of Kinematics Graphs

Momentum Transfer

  1. Conservation of Momentum (3 Ways to set up the problem)

Projectile Motion

  1. Introduction to Projectile Motion
  2. Projectile Motion Example: Horizontal Launch
  3. Projectile Motion Example: Diagonal Launch

Energy Conservation

  1. Conservation of Energy Example: No Work or Loss

Rotational Motion

Simple Harmonic Motion

  1. Forces and Energy in Simple Harmonic Motion (AP Physics 1)
  2. Period and Frequency in Spring-Block Oscillators (AP Physics 1)

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