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I make science YouTube videos and other resources for my Anatomy & Physiology classes. Feel free to use anything you find here!

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Most units also have a resource page with my videos and resources in one place.

Anatomy & Physiology Videos

Intro to Anatomy and Physiology | Resource Page

  1. Anatomical Directional Terms
  2. Human Body Planes
  3. Human Body Cavities
  4. Homeostasis

Nervous System | Resource Page

  1. Neuron Structure and Function
  2. Types of Neurons – Structural and Functional Classes
  3. Action Potentials
  4. Synaptic Transmission
  5. Divisions of the Nervous System
  6. Brain: Cerebrum and Cerebellum
  7. Brain: Brainstem and Diencephalon
  8. Spinal Cord Injury Physiology
  9. Human Eye

Endocrine System | Resource Page

  1. How Hormones Communicate
  2. Endocrine Organs
  3. Hypothalamus-Pituitary-Thyroid (HPT) Axis
  4. Diagnosing Disorders with the HPT Axis
  5. Blood Sugar Regulation

Reproductive System | Resource Page

  1. Male Reproductive System
  2. Female Reproductive System
  3. Ovarian and Menstrual Cycle

Integumentary System

  1. Skin

Skeletal System | Resource Page

  1. Bones of the Skeleton
  2. Anatomy of a Long Bone
  3. Anatomy of the Knee Joint
  4. Anatomy of the Shoulder Joint

Muscular System | Resource Page

  1. Muscles and Movement
  2. Skeletal Muscle Levels of Organization
  3. Sliding Filament Model and Excitation-Contraction Coupling

Respiratory System

  1. Respiratory System Structure and Function

Cardiovascular System | Resource Page

  1. Components of the Blood
  2. Blood Types (ABO and Rh groups)
  3. Path of Blood Flow Through the Heart
  4. Heart and Circulation Model Tour
  5. Sheep Pluck Dissection (Heart, Lungs, Trachea)
  6. Arteries, Veins, and Blood Pressure Readings

Immune System | Resource Page

  1. Specific (Acquired) Immunity

Digestive System | Resource Page

  1. Digestive System Structure and Function

Urinary System | Resource Page

  1. Urinary System Structure and Function
  2. Nephron – Filtration and Reabsorption Introduction

Medical Case Studies Elective

Back in the day, I taught a semester elective class called “Medical Physiology.” The class utilized case studies from the NCCSTS. You can find more about that class here.

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