Connect to other teachers with this list of resources and other teacher blogs that I have found useful. Check them out!

Teaching Science

Horizontal Transfer Podcast – Podcast about teaching science, brought to you Paul Andersen and David Knuffke. The podcast has helped me view teaching as a viable profession and career.
Bozeman Science Videos – Science videos made by Paul Andersen. Subjects include biology, chemistry, physics, NGSS, AP classes, and more. Excellent resource.

Teaching Physics

Action Reaction (Frank Noschese) – Physics modeler with excellent resources and ideas!
Physics! Blog! (Kelly O’Shea) – Physics modeler with thorough explanations and great ideas!

Teaching Anatomy & Physiology

National Center for Case Study Teaching in Science – Database for case studies used to teach science. There is an emphasis on physiology and other life sciences. I use these cases in A&P and even teach a post-A&P semester elective called Medical Physiology that solely uses case studies. They are great!

Other Nerdy Science Stuff

Armando Hasudugan’s Physiology Videos – A bunch of illustrated physiology and medicine videos. Too advanced for an introductory high school physiology class, but still a good resource for learning more physiology myself!

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