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Lesson 1 | Neurons

This lesson covers the structure and function of neurons (nerve cells). This first video is a general overview of the parts of a neuron and what they do.

This second video gives an overview of the structural (how they’re shaped) and functional (what they do) classifications of neurons.

2 | Action Potentials

This lesson covers the stages of action potentials. It includes an animation as well as notes pages (pause the video) for each stage.

Digital Manipulatives
Action Potentials Nearpod
Student Preview Link
Teacher Edit Link

3 | Synapses

This lesson covers the steps of synaptic transmission, which is how a signal is sent between neurons, as well as the difference between excitatory and inhibitory synapses.

Synapse Digital Manipulatives

4 | Divisions of the Nervous System

This lesson uses a flowchart to explain the various divisions of the nervous system using the homeostasis model (sensor, integrator, effector) as an organizational framework.

^The video is much less pretentious than the description I just wrote.

5 | Brain

This lesson covers the lobes of the cerebrum, the cerebellum, and a few other areas (motor and sensory cortex, Broca’s area, & Wernicke’s area). The main idea here is that different brain regions have different functions.

Video Quick Notes Sheet

This lesson covers the deep brain structures, including the diencephalon (thalamus, hypothalamus, pituitary, & pineal) and brainstem.

6 | Spinal Cord

This lesson is about my spinal cord injury. I explain why my injury causes paralysis but doesn’t affect reflex arcs below the point of injury. Also, this is the first video I ever made for my students!

7 | Senses

This lesson covers the structures of the eye and how they work together to help us see. It’s also the second video I ever made!

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