When Will I Need This?

When Will I Need This? is a podcast where we take all the random stuff we learned in school and answer the question, “Why did we have to learn that?” and, “Who really does use this stuff?”

Meet the Hosts

Justin is a high school science teacher and educational YouTuber.

Andy is a molecular biology researcher who does not study mitochondria.


  • Follow @NeedThisPod on Twitter and Instagram!
  • Our blog post on how we got started: Six Steps to Starting a Podcast! (3-12-21)
  • Our first episode has been recorded and edited. It sounds like a real podcast and everything! For now, we’re waiting to release episodes until we have most of the first season recorded so we can keep up a consistent release schedule. (3-21-2021)

Season 1

Episode 1 – Mitochondria, the powerhouse of the cell!

Coming soon!

More updates on the way!

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