Muscular System – Videos and Resources

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Lesson 1 | Muscles and Movement

This lesson covers 15 common, superficial muscles. This includes their locations, movements, and origins and insertions.

Summary Table of Muscles

2 | Muscle Levels of Organization

This lesson covers the five levels of muscle organization, from organ (muscle) to molecular (filament) levels, as well as the basics of how a sarcomere works.

3 | Sliding Filament Model /
Excitation-Contraction Coupling

This lesson follows the steps of muscle contraction, starting with an action potential and ending with the sliding filament model.

(in the order I use them)
1. Sliding Filament Manipulatives
2. Sliding Filament Flowchart
3. Blank Diagrams (Excitation-Contraction & Sliding Filament)

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