Intro to A&P – Videos and Resources

To use any of the resources, (1) click the link, (2) click “File,” (3) click “Make a Copy.” Then you’ll have your own editable version!

Lesson 1 | Anatomical Terminology

This lesson covers anatomical terminology needed for the study of human anatomy and physiology. This first lesson covers directional terms and why we need all this strange vocab.

This second video introduces the three body planes used in cross section diagrams and medical imaging.

This third video describes the body’s cavities, where our internal organs are stored.

2 | Homeostasis

This lesson covers the most important idea in physiology: homeostasis! It’s all about keeping our body’s internal conditions the same so we don’t die.

1. Homeostasis Digital Card Sort – Blood Pressure
2. Homeostasis Digital Card Sort – Blood Sugar

Other resources:

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