Curriculum notes from my first year teaching Anatomy & Physiology

A few weeks ago, clearing out some storage space filled with long-forgotten binders of notes from my education classes, PDs, and conferences, I stumbled across my notes from the first year I taught A&P. What I most remember was teaching myself the content over the weekend so I could teach it to my students theContinue reading “Curriculum notes from my first year teaching Anatomy & Physiology”

Labeling the Urinary System…without my help!

Today, we wrapped up the digestive system and introduced the urinary system. It was a shortened schedule day, so we didn’t get too far. We only have about a week to spend on this unit because it’s the end of the school year. The exciting thing about this system’s introduction is that I didn’t haveContinue reading “Labeling the Urinary System…without my help!”

Whiteboarding to Review Osmosis

In Anatomy & Physiology, we are about to start section 10.4 Capillary and Fluid Exchange. This is a complicated section dealing that helps to identify the location of water in the body (60-40-20 rule), describe the structure of capillaries, and explain the factors (blood pressure and osmosis) that affect edema (i.e., swelling). We needed a refresherContinue reading “Whiteboarding to Review Osmosis”