Cardiovascular System – Videos and Resources

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Lesson 1 | Blood

This lesson covers the major components of blood: red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets, plasma, plasma proteins, and other solutes found in our blood.

This lesson explains blood types, focusing on the ABO and Rh systems. It explains blood donor compatibility by looking at the antigens and antibodies present in each blood type.

Blood Typing Lab Simulation
(from Alabama DOE)

Blood Type Problem Set / Exit Ticket

2 | Heart and Path of Blood Flow

This lesson describes the order in which blood passes through the heart chambers, valves, and major blood vessels.

Blood Flow Practice Slides

This second video is a tour of the structures of the heart and path of blood flow using heart and circulation models in the lab.

3 | Arteries, Veins, and Blood Pressure

This lesson explains the major differences between arteries, veins, and capillaries. Then it explains the two numbers in blood pressure readings and graphs pressure as blood moves through the circulatory system.

4 | Sheep Pluck Dissection

This video is a how-to guide for completing a sheep pluck (heart, lungs, trachea) dissection. If you need a specific part of the dissection, use the time stamps in the video description to jump straight to the part you need.

Video Notes Sheet and Checklist

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