First Day of Practice

The parking lot of the Glenview Community Center in Orange Mound is lined with campaign signs as my mom rolls my wheelchair to the passenger door of our battered Toyota Avalon. “This all sounds stupid,” I say, grabbing my legs and swinging them outside the car door. “Don’t call things stupid. Besides, Trey, you loveContinue reading “First Day of Practice”

I was on the Write Away Podcast! Critique Groups!

For about a year, I’ve been in a writing critique group with three other excellent folks who are also doing this whole writing thing. One of our members, Rae Harding, connected on Twitter with Natalie Lockett, a YA writer who recently started a writing podcast called “Write Away.” Natalie was recording a podcast on peerContinue reading “I was on the Write Away Podcast! Critique Groups!”

Best Books I Read in 2018!

Hey! I read (or listened to on audiobook) a lot of books this year. Here are my top five! 5. Able-Bodied Like Me by Matt Glowacki I believe this is the first book I’ve ever read about disability. It’s just never been something that’s never interested me, reading-wise. I have my own beliefs about disability,Continue reading “Best Books I Read in 2018!”

Never Go to Bed Angry

I wrote this for the NYC Midnight flash fiction challenge the same weekend I was finishing “Haunted Mansions Are Never Wheelchair Accessible.” I almost gave up on this story because I wasn’t feeling the prompts (ghost story / walking trail / contact solution) and because of the Crippling Self-Doubt Monster, the terrifying, real-life antagonist inContinue reading “Never Go to Bed Angry”

Haunted Mansions Are Never Wheelchair Accessible – (My First Published Story!)

Read it here. I almost didn’t finish the story. I started writing it soon after The Arcanist (an online flash fiction literary magazine specializing in sci-fi, fantasy, and horror) announced their Ghost Stories contest. I’d already submitted a few stories to The Arcanist and received rejections for each, so I knew this was a longContinue reading “Haunted Mansions Are Never Wheelchair Accessible – (My First Published Story!)”

The Stories Lost in Flame

A score of people wandered the smoldering ruins, treaded carefully over scorched and splintered wood, searched for any words that remained. They wore their brown robes hiked up short over their ankles, their feet shod with sturdy-soled boots instead of sandals. They wore their faces long and solemn. The apprentice stooped amidst a pile ofContinue reading “The Stories Lost in Flame”

Why You Should Always Buy the Biggest Pizza Pi!

Yesterday was Pi Day, and as a high school science teacher, this is a big deal. Not as big of a deal as it is for math teachers, but until the practical but not-yet-widely-accepted Tau catches on, it’s the best mathematical constant we can celebrate during the school year. My wife Carol and I aboutContinue reading “Why You Should Always Buy the Biggest Pizza Pi!”

Can people in wheelchairs kick ass?

  A friend of mine shared this photo. It stirred up in me a lot of thoughts about disability (I have a complete L2 spinal cord injury, meaning I’m paralyzed from the waist down). Everything I wrote here applies to a non-disabled person thinking about a disabled person, or a disabled person thinking about aContinue reading “Can people in wheelchairs kick ass?”