Designing the book cover for Malfunction Junction

If you haven’t heard me talk about it enough already, some friends and I made a book! It’s a Memphis-themed anthology called Malfunction Junction: Memphis Stories of Stops, Starts, Wrong Turns, and Dead Ends. You can buy copies at Novel (see photo of Alondra and I posing in front of the display below), and we’llContinue reading “Designing the book cover for Malfunction Junction”

I’m a science teacher. Next year, I’m teaching a Science Fiction and Fantasy English class.

I hated English in high school. If there was one class I thought I’d never want to teach…it’s English. Reading was kind of boring, writing was a lot of work for little gain, and grading papers…no, no, no, no. Yet, here I am entering my 10th year of teaching at Collegiate, and I’m about toContinue reading “I’m a science teacher. Next year, I’m teaching a Science Fiction and Fantasy English class.”

A Year of Making Science Videos

A year ago, I sat in front of my computer, frustrated and on the verge of angry tears. The pandemic had become real a week earlier. My school closed its building, and we spent a week planning for fourth quarter “emergency online learning.” It was a fast transition, but one my school did well. WeContinue reading “A Year of Making Science Videos”

Curriculum notes from my first year teaching Anatomy & Physiology

A few weeks ago, clearing out some storage space filled with long-forgotten binders of notes from my education classes, PDs, and conferences, I stumbled across my notes from the first year I taught A&P. What I most remember was teaching myself the content over the weekend so I could teach it to my students theContinue reading “Curriculum notes from my first year teaching Anatomy & Physiology”

Six Steps to Starting a Podcast!

by Someone Who Has Never Started a Podcast Have you ever been in a class and wondered, “When will I actually use this in real life? Does anyone even need to need to know this?” Well, my friend Andy and I are starting a podcast to help answer the age-old question: “When will I needContinue reading “Six Steps to Starting a Podcast!”

First Day of Practice

The parking lot of the Glenview Community Center in Orange Mound is lined with campaign signs as my mom rolls my wheelchair to the passenger door of our battered Toyota Avalon. “This all sounds stupid,” I say, grabbing my legs and swinging them outside the car door. “Don’t call things stupid. Besides, Trey, you loveContinue reading “First Day of Practice”

I was on the Write Away Podcast! Critique Groups!

For about a year, I’ve been in a writing critique group with three other excellent folks who are also doing this whole writing thing. One of our members, Rae Harding, connected on Twitter with Natalie Lockett, a YA writer who recently started a writing podcast called “Write Away.” Natalie was recording a podcast on peerContinue reading “I was on the Write Away Podcast! Critique Groups!”

Best Books I Read in 2018!

Hey! I read (or listened to on audiobook) a lot of books this year. Here are my top five! 5. Able-Bodied Like Me by Matt Glowacki I believe this is the first book I’ve ever read about disability. It’s just never been something that’s never interested me, reading-wise. I have my own beliefs about disability,Continue reading “Best Books I Read in 2018!”