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I make science YouTube videos and other resources for my AP Chemistry classes. Feel free to use anything you find here!

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AP Chemistry Videos

Unit 1 | Atomic Structure and Properties

  1. Periodic Trends and Coulomb’s Law

Lesson: Bohr Model Cards and Periodic Trends Model Exploration Activity
Lesson: Mass Spectrometry Card Hunt

Unit 2 | Molecular and Ionic Compound Structure & Properties

Unit 3 | Intermolecular Forces and Properties

  1. Ideal and Combined Gas Laws

Lesson: Model Exploration for Maxwell-Boltzmann Distributions

Unit 4 | Chemical Reactions

Resource: My AP Chemistry Summer Assignment

  1. Solutions: Molarity, Stoichiometry, and Dilutions
  2. Representations of Reactions – Particulate Diagrams and Net Ionic Equations
  3. Stoichiometry Map (including moles of reaction and heat of reaction)
  4. Stoichiometry Example Problems (including ideal gas, moles of rxn, & heat of rxn)
  5. Limiting Reactant and Percent Yield – Example Problem

Unit 5 | Kinetics

  1. Kinetics Rate Law and Rate Orders
  2. Integrated Rate Law and Half-Live Derivations
  3. Effect of Temperature and Catalysts on Rate and Maxwell-Boltzmann Distributions
  4. Determining Rate Law from Fast Initial Step

Unit 6 | Thermodynamics

  1. Thermal Energy Transfer
  2. Bond Energies to Enthalpy Change
  3. Heats of Formation to Enthalpy Change

Unit 7 | Equilibrium

  1. How to Write Equilibrium Constant (K) Expressions
  2. How Modifying a Reaction Affects Equilibrium Constant, K
  3. The Reaction Quotient (Q): Predicting the Direction of Change
  4. ICE Tables – Solving for Equilibrium Constant and Equilibrium Concentrations
  5. Le Chatelier’s Principle, Pt. 1: Concentration
  6. Le Chatelier’s Principle, Pt. 2: Pressure
  7. Le Chatelier’s Principle, Pt. 3: Temperature

Equilibrium Solubility

  1. Solubility Product
  2. Example: Calculating Molar Solubility from Equilibrium Constant
  3. Example: Determining Whether a Precipitate Will Form
  4. Example: Determining Which Solid Will Precipitate First

Unit 8 | Acids and Bases

  1. Intro to Acids & Bases | Amphoteric, Conjugates, Dissociation vs. Neutralization
  2. Strong Acid / Strong Base Titration
  3. pH Calculations for a STRONG Acid / Strong Base Titration
  4. pH Calculations for a WEAK Acid / Strong Base Titration
  5. Lab – Titration (Strong Acid with a Strong Base) w/Vernier drop counter & pH probe

Lesson: SASB pH Calculations – The Case of the Missing Lab Data
Lesson: WASB Titration Curve on Giant Graph Paper

Unit 9 | Applications of Thermodynamics

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