About me

I teach science at the Collegiate School of Memphis, and I make science videos, which you can find on my science resources page or on my science YouTube channel. I’ve also made a few personal videos, which you can find here.

I grew up in Missouri and moved to Memphis to become a teacher through the Memphis Teacher Residency. I’ve been teaching high school science since 2011 and providing curriculum and instruction support for other teachers at my school since 2017. I teach Anatomy & Physiology, Physics, and AP Chemistry.

I also write stories and play wheelchair basketball. I’ve competed at the college level and now for the Memphis Grizzlies Wheelchair Basketball Team.

I am married to my amazing and hard-working wife Carol, and we have a curious, adventurous daughter named Alondra.

I also have a permanent spinal cord injury from a car accident in 1996. I’ve used a wheelchair to get around ever since, but I still do cool things like go to the beach and go on walks with my daughter.

And one last thing! If you’ve found any of my videos, resources, stories, or anything else on here helpful or enjoyable, please reach out! Or if you have a question about anything related to science teaching, please ask! You can leave public comments on my YouTube videos or send me a message through my contact page.

Here is a short video (that I didn’t make) about me and why Memphis is great:

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