About me

I am a Missourian who emigrated to Memphis to become a teacher through the Memphis Teacher Residency. I’ve been teaching for four years now, just finishing my seventh year at the Collegiate School of Memphis, an urban private school about three minutes from where I live. I have taught Algebra, Geometry, Government, Economics, and Health…but I’ve finally settled in to Physics, Anatomy & Physiology, and AP Chemistry.

My two primary hobbies are writing and playing wheelchair basketball. I’ve written quite a few flash fiction stories (~1000 words or less) and am working on a longer story that I hesitate to call a novel because that sounds very real and intimidating. I’ve played wheelchair basketball at the college level and now for the Memphis Grizzlies Wheelchair Basketball Team.

I am married to my beautiful and hard-working wife Carol, and we have an amazing daughter named Alondra.

I also have a permanent spinal cord injury, and I use a wheelchair to get around. Yes, I can open doors and drive a car. No, there is not a speed limit in the hallway. Yes, I have heard the speed limit jokes dozens of times, but no, wheelchairs are not cars. Yes, I have strangers approach me wanting to pray for healing or tell me about how acupuncture can cure my spinal cord injury. Yes, that’s always pretty awkward.

Here is a short video about me and why Memphis is great:

Here is a video of me from 2011, when I was just a lowly college grad and MTR resident with approximately zero hours of classroom experience.

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