Here is the plan!

If you are reading this, you probably have noticed something…

This blog is pretty empty.

I only have a couple posts at this point. It’s the end of the school year, and we are wrapping things up here at school. Seniors have only two more days, then they are gone. Graduation is Monday. All other grades have one and half regular weeks, then finals week. Then, summer!

It’s a weird time to start a teaching blog.

My goal is to do at least two posts per week about things going on in my classes. I’m waiting until the beginning of next year to really get that started. Starting from the beginning, I hope to chronicle each of the units that I go through in my classes, so that other A&P and Physics teachers can see what’s going on and get ideas. I have learned a ton from other teachers who do the same thing.

I also plan to post (nearly) all of the resources and materials I use in my classes.

Finding a great resource online that you can use in class usually feels like winning the lottery, and I want to share all of the lottery tickets I have collected and created. So much of what I do as a teacher has come from other great teachers, and I want to give back!

What if I’m not a teacher?

That’s okay! The blog might not be as interesting to you, though. But if you want to, I’d still love for you to stick around and see some of the things going on in my classes! Also, feel free to share this with other teachers you know!

So in the meantime, have a great summer, and I hope to see you in a few months for a new school year!

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